October Newsletter 2016

President's Report

Hi all, has anybody seen spring anywhere? It seems to have gone missing, yes the trees
are now green and the grass that's not under water is growing but wouldn't it be
nice to get a bit more warm sun on our backs. If you were at the club for the October
competition you would already know what a great evening it was. Many thanks to you
all who could get along and enjoy the time together. Even with the wet conditions we
had over a hundred people there, 34 of them being children. A lot of thanks must
go out to our sponsors, Allenco, Directional Drilling, Murray Wilcox Ltd, and of course
Daltons, there was an amazing array of prizes and the look on those little kids faces
when they came up to collect one was priceless.
Next competition of course is our big November one, we have over 40 sponsors
for this competition and they are all listed in the newsletter. The major sponsor is our
very own Swap Contractors, not only are they sponsoring a major part of the prizes,
they are also putting their beautiful launch up for auction at the weigh in. Now for the
successful bidders they will have the use of the boat and skipper for the December
competition. The trip will be an over nighter at Mayor Island for five people maximum.
All proceeds from the auction will go into prizes for the December competition, so
many thanks to Swaps for their generosity, it is amazing.
Now while we are talking sponsorship, yes I have more good news for you all, we have
two more excellent sponsors on board for the July competition. Back from sponsoring
the club in the past is Matamata Tractors and Machinery, Bucket and his crew are a
great bunch and it is awesome to have them back on board. Also joining them is a
new sponsor, Bell and Graham Solicitors, special thanks to Jacki who works for them
for helping with negotiations. So things are just getting better and better for you our
club members ah.
Don't forget if you need a new boat, trailer, motor, car etc before the next competition;
go see Frank and his team at MTF for finance and the fishing club will get commission.
The next thing to think about is membership, DON'T forget you MUST be signed up
to fish the competitions so get in and do it ASAP. If you are talking to friends tell them
about our wonderful club and get them along as new members.
As I said before we have new sponsors for July, but it will still incorporate "The Kerry
McKinley Memorial" name. In the past we have asked members to donate to this, this
year we are going to offer you a raffle instead @ $5.00 a ticket and you go into
the draw for a five hundred dollar travel voucher kindly subsidised by our very own
Joanne Prevett Travel. All profit from the raffle will go towards the July competition,
so instead of donating $50.00 come into Sportsworld and buy ten tickets! Starts
from now, drawn in July competition.

Happy Fishing Bungey