November Newsletter 2016

President's Report

Hi all, WOW here we are almost at the end of another year, but not our season of course.
A very special thanks to J Swaps and all of our sponsors for the November competition.
Please take note of all of our Sponsors listed in the newsletter, without them we wouldn't enjoy the awesome line up of prizes that we fish for.
Once again Batesy and the team at Glass and Joinery came up with a stunner of a lucky member prize, that rod holder looked fantastic, and went to a much deserved person and great sponsor to our
club Graham from Matamata Butchery, also the lambs from the MacDonald family
tasted excellent with a bit of mint.
As I said before, please where you can, next time you make a purchase, check out our sponsors list and support those who support us.
Many thanks to Mike McKinley for the entertainment at the weigh in and a great big thank you to Matamata Butchery for those moorish bangers on the barbeque, and you know even with the
bad weather we still got 200 along to the prize giving.
Now, while not a growl, but it has been pointed out to me that a few fish came in to be weighed a bit warm, please for your own enjoyment of the fish, keep them nicely chilled down with plenty of ice.
Weighing in your own fish, where possible, we like to see people coming along and participating by weighing in their own fish. Yes we know this is not always practical, and nor is it a club rule but in
the spirit of things it's good to have you there.
This coming competition should be a beauty, we have on board Comag, J Swaps, Golden Flow, and of course that awesome Viking Kayak from Grant and Karen Montague for a lucky members draw, also a donation from the Doudell family.
Make sure you come along to the prize giving, Grant and Karen want to give as many people as possible the chance to walk away with their prize kayak. Very important, YES Santa is going to be
there. So all you mums and dad, make sure you bring a small present along for Santa to give to your kids. More important make it a $10.00 maximum present please. We don't want little Sammy with
a packet of marbles and little Mary with a BMW do we 
Hope to see you all at our next comp.

Happy fishing