December Newsletter 2016

President's Report

Hi all and a great big Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas to you, WOW what a December competition we ended up having. There was an excellent crowd, heaps of fish weighed in and kids everywhere,
really putting family back into Matamata fishing family club.
A very special thanks to the Matamata Fire Brigade for picking Santa up from the South Pole and bringing him down to the club, the kids loved it ah. Another very special thanks must go
out to our sponsors, J Swap Contracting, Viking Kayaks, Comag, Golden Flow, and the Doudell family, The reality is that without them the club could not function the way it does today.
now "Your" part in the greater picture is to go out and support them in return, I can't stress enough how important that is. As president and a person organising sponsorship it is nice to get
feedback from them to say our members have been in to see them and acknowledge them as sponsoring Matamata Fishing Club.
Some of the more notable catches for the month were a very nice brown trout by Duncan Thorpe and a magnificent rainbow caught by one of our excellent sponsors Allen Cossill, a nice kingi caught by Josh Bungard, also another excellent snapper by the Far North hunter Hugh McKean.
Of course everybody looked forward to the lucky member draw of the awesome Viking Kayak, the named plucked out by Karen Montague was Stef Atkinson, congratulations, well done.
The next competition of course is February, looking forward to that. Being a long weekend it is a three day competition.
This one is always a good one with excellent sponsors: Begovich Builders, Splice Construction, Matamata SportsWorld and of course who can forget that awesome beef the Holmes family put up last year, well they have done it again, thank you to you all so much and we will see you there ah.
Now make sure you are safe over the holidays, get out on the water as often as you can with family and friends and have fun.

See you soon,