November Newsletter 2017

President's Report

Hi all, a great big lot of thank yous to you all, the members, for fishing and coming along, the committee for doing such an awesome job and last but not least, our wonderful group of sponsors for making it all possible.

Swaps Contractors were our major sponsors and were joined by no fewer than 40 others.

Please make sure you read your newsletter and acknowledge every one of them.

A special thank you to the McDonald family who every year supply free of charge, those three sheep that are hand crafted by Roscoe’s Home Kills into awesome meat packs, yum and what about that awesome barbecue bench seat from our very own Matamata Glass and Joinery. As I said unfortunately I can’t put them all in my report but they are all listed in the newsletter, please support them in return when and where you can.

If you were at the weigh in I’m sure you would have had a great time. Now that I am working behind the bar I get to chat with a lot more people and the feedback is great.

Isn’t it great to see all the kids turning up with Mum and Dad or Gran and Granddad, it’s awesome to have such a family orientated club ah.

This year the Swaps boat auction was another big hit and thanks to the very generous family of Glenn and Sharon Clothier there will be heaps more goodies for you to fish for in the December competition.

Our sponsors for the up and coming comp on the 2nd and 3rd are Comag, Swaps, and Golden Flow and of course that awesome kayak from Viking Kayaks for a lucky member draw.

There are going to be heaps and heaps of hams, so come along and win one for your Xmas dinner.

Now, the club trip to Rarotonga, this will be approximately the 18th of June next year, these trips are a hell of a lot of fun and if you can make it, believe me you should. We are now at decision time, so we need you to call the organiser, Bob Bevege on 027 921 4734 as soon as possible.

Over the years we have had some awesome club evenings at the local lake, the committee thought it is about time we had another one. We are looking at the Saturday afternoon of the 10th of February, at Hora Hora domain. Those who have a ski boat, bring it along. Cooking facilities in the form of Matamata Butchery barbecue will be available, and we will have a lot of fun. We will let you know more of course as we get closer to the time.

Now!!! Santa is going to be at the club on the night of our next weigh in, how cool is that ah, what we need you to do as a parent, is bring along a small gift, approx $10.00, wrapped up with your little treasures name clearly on it, for Santa to hand out, and very happy little people they will all be.

I think that’s all for now folks, see you all at the next comp,
happy fishing.