October Newsletter 2018

President's Report

Hi, don’t you just love this time of the year, warmth in the sun, longer evenings to enjoy it, and the fish are biting everywhere. October the 6th & 7th saw another excellent comp at the club, it was enjoyed by many including an excellent number of women and children.

With spring in the air it is always great to see all the Daltons Garden Products up the front they really are amazing sponsors of our club; Allenco Marine to touch up your boat before the summer period; Matamata Directional Drilling if you need pipe work done and of course Chooky’s Auto for boat trailer warrants, vehicle repairs etc. Please support those sponsors where you can.

Now I need to apologise to Craig Rogers when I was up front giving out the prizes I made a mistake of reading out the heaviest caught land base snapper, Craig in fact caught that and I read him out as the mystery weight prize – sorry about that team and congratulations on his personal best catch off the rocks.

Now, can you all please do me a big favour when it comes to weighing in your fish for the November comp, this is to make life a lot easier for our weigh master and recorder.

1. Have your membership number ready. 

2. Have your fish clearly identified.

3. For your own good, have plenty of ice on them.

November is a huge competition of course with approximately 40 sponsors. Please look at the list as often as you can in your newsletters and where possible, support them, especially when you buy for Christmas ah.

One of our major sponsors is J Swap Contractors, not only do they put a large cash donation forward, but they are going to put their beautiful 44ft launch “Savana City” up for auction again. This will be available for the December dates, so get a team together and have an overnight adventure to Mayor Island. I have even heard as a rumour that Cameron himself might skipper it for you.

As I said before we have an awesome line up of sponsors, and yes there will be some more of the beautiful McDonald family lamb up for grabs, yum. Now with all those prizes there will be heaps for the kids to fish for, so like last comp with the Henderson family and as we did on Leander get the kids out there, the pride you feel when, like Owie and myself, you watch your grandies catching fish it’s awesome. So, come on, try and get them out on the water.

See you all there and tell a friend to join our awesome club and share the fun we all have.

Happy Fishing