May Newsletter 2019

President's Report

Hi all, hope all is good with you and your families. Speaking of families, wasn’t it good to see a good gathering at our May comp. I must say it was excellent to see our sponsors out at the club enjoying themselves: Vaughan and Paul from Fairviews; Lindy from AMI; and of course the evening wouldn’t have been complete without the Jones’ boys. Our other awesome sponsors were of course the Laurent boys but they were so busy shifting stock etc that they couldn’t make it.

These locals are all fantastic supporters of our club and please, where you can, let’s show our appreciation by supporting them.

My truck is in getting a repair job at the moment and Vaughan from Fairviews was straight down with another ute for me to use, now you don’t get service like that from the city boys ah!

Coming up in June because of the public holiday on Monday it is of course a three day comp. This should be a great opportunity for you to get the family out and enjoy the extra time on the water.

The sponsors for June are Allenco Marine, Harry Fort Decorators, Phil Stevens Racing and normally Arrum Ali, Arrum has had to withdraw as a sponsor so I would like to take this chance to say a big thank you for his past support. That left us one sponsor short so good old Bungey and P from Sportsworld have agreed to jump in, thank you Sportsworld!

 Look forward to seeing you all there.

Happy fishing