September Newsletter 2015


Hi, well the new season has got off to a great start. Most of you will know by now that I am
back at the helm as President of our great club. I am really excited about the season ahead and
have an excellent team working with me. We have virtually kicked the season off with a new
team, the only remaining committee are Keith and Muzza, but, I tell you, if the Mitre 10 sponsored
September comp is anything to go by, we have some very real fun and excitement to look
forward to. A very big thanks to Mitre 10 for making it all possible. If you get a chance go and
support Lynette and her team, Gary (Crash) did a great job for us handing out the prizes.
Since being elected the team and I have been very busy. One of our most important missions
is to form a good relationship with our sponsors, so far I am overwhelmed by the response and I
must say it is very humbling to be getting such positive feedback. Firstly we have got a major sponsor back for November, Swap Contractors, who are a massive part of our community, have come on board. This is great news as we can now move some sponsors out of the November comp into other months to make them even bigger and better than they are now. Swaps do so much in our wee town and to have them back on board is fantastic. Cameron has also put up a charter for five people on board their awesome launch, Savana City. She is a luxury 44 footer and the trip will
be an over nighter to Mayor Island on the Saturday of our December comp. What we are
going to do is auction the boat off at our big November comp, so get a group together, total
of 5, and start planning now. All money raised at the auction is going to be put into our December
comp. There will be hams and turkeys as spot prizes by the mile so plan ahead and make sure
you and the family are there for an excellent festive season get together. Also joining Comag in the December comp is our long time sponsor and the home of the best kayaks around, Viking Kayaks. Mont and Karen have come out of the November comp to make the December one bigger and better, like I said, exciting times ahead. Now let's get back to our next comp, October, we have always had great sponsors for October, Murray Wilcox and Daltons. Murray and Neil
have been supporters of the club for a long time and I am very pleased to say this year they are
back on board. Joining them is Directional Drilling and Allenco Marine, these guys have
come out of the November comp to make October bigger and better for all and with the
spring fishing getting better it should be a good one, I look forward to seeing you all there. Don't
forget new weigh in time of 5 to 6pm due to daylight saving kicking in. Another exciting piece of news is that the Splice team are back on board for February, Graham Rush and family have got right in behind the new team and they are joining Begovich Builders and Sportsworld in the February comp to make it even bigger and better, thanks Rushy. Now to you, the members of our club, as President and Committee we are all part of a team with you. If there is ever anything you feel we can do better, or you have an idea or two, please come and talk to us, we are all people who are passionate about our club and want to see it get better and better.
Jackpot Sundays are no longer, we are now doing a $100.00 lucky member draw at every weigh in
instead. We will keep drawing a club number until the winner is present and you could walk
away with the bucks to help cover your costs for the weekend. Many thanks to the sponsors for
that: Splice, Plumbco, Super Liquor and Property


Happy fishing, Bungey