October Newsletter 2015


Hi all, wow, what did you think of the EVENTS October comp, what a beauty. We had a
great crowd with over a hundred people in attendance. The atmosphere was great, the
weather good, and thanks to our sponsors, Daltons, Murray Wilcox, Allenco Marine
and Directional Drilling. The prizes looked awesome, many thanks must go to Pauline
and Lippy for the hard work in organising and presenting the goodies. On that note I would
like to say how well all the new committee members have slotted into their new rolls,
well done team, you are doing a great job. Our next comp on the 7th and 8th of
November will be a beauty. As I said last month our new major sponsor for the
month is J Swap, Swaps do a fantastic job supporting our community and it is great to
have them back being involved in our fishing club. As you will see further on in the
newsletter we have a fantastic number of sponsors for the November comp and we
greatly appreciate their support. The comp will involve prizes for heaps of fish
categories, and, also a large number of spot prizes and lucky member draws so bring the
whole family along and have a great evening at the weigh in, oh and expect some very
good entertainment for young and old, see you there ah. As I mentioned last month, part of the
J Swaps sponsorship is to put their lovely big launch 'Savana City' up for auction. This will
involve a trip to Mayor Island for five people for the December comp, it will be an
overnighter and with their professional skipper at the helm, a very real chance of
landing some big Mayor Island snapper. Now here's the next good bit, all proceeds from
the auction will go into the December Christmas comp, it will be put into Christmas
hams and turkeys for spot prizes so make sure you are there. With the great new
sponsors on board for December of Viking Kayaks and Golden Flow they will combine
with our long time regulars of Comag to make it a very festive occasion. Comag have
been a great sponsor for years and now with the addition of Vikings, Golden Flow and
Swaps it can only be bigger and better, thanks guys.
Last but not least to all you members, please where you can in this great little town of
ours "SUPPORT YOUR SPONSORS", this is so important to the running of our club, so
get in behind those that support us and do your bit. On the fishing scene, the Coromandel is
starting to warm up and the fishing improving, the West Coast off Kawhia is
running hot and there is some reasonable snapper coming in from the BOP.

Happy Days, Happy Fishing

Be good