Message from Nigel

Nigel Kittow

12:30am Dec 8

Hi Matamata Fishing Club.
We have been members from Day 1 of the
club and wish to retain our membership though we now live in Vanuatu. Sort have fallen out of the loop but if you can email us our subscriptions we would love to continue our club connection.
We are out fishing here on our boat Mamma Mia most weeks and can file a bit of a report every now and again if people would be interested. We mainly game fish for Marlin and YFT but have recently had some awesome GT action helifishing off the rocks. Anybody from the club wishing to come fish with us always welcome . Had a huge Marlin bite last 6 weeks with up to 6 hits in 6 hours but been struggling to get them to stick. Have dropped down to light gauge hooks with a much better hookup rate but a long battle with light drags so we do not straighten the hooks or break 15kg line. All compromise! Story of life really.
Last 2 mornings released two Blue Marlin and took home a 37 kg YFT plus a few meritorious losses. All good fun.
Great to keep in contact.
Kittow family