November Newsletter 2020

President's Report

Hi, hope all is good with you, family and friends. Wow, here we are with just one more competition to go before Christmas, and of course this year’s competition is going to be even closer to the big day. That is right, do not forget the competition is on the 12th and 13th of December.

Once again we have an amazing line up of sponsors to bring you another excellent comp. The team for December is as follows: Comag; J Swap; Golden Flow Honey; Indulgence Beauty and Spa; Phil Stevens Racing; Chris and Pauline Bungard, and don’t forget the lucky member draw for one of Mont and Karen’s awesome Viking kayaks.

If you were at the November comp you will have no problem agreeing with me that it was an excellent afternoon at the prize giving. You know with these tough covid times it is so humbling to get the support of so many local businesses. Our main one for November was J Swap and you know as a company they do so much for our locals, plus we had over 40 others come onboard to make our big day a huge success.

Please, where you can when doing your Christmas shopping etc., refer to the sponsors page on your newsletter and spend with them if you can.

Not a growl, but an observation at the weigh station, some of the fish could do with a wee bit more ice on them to keep them in top condition for your plate. To encourage this there will be a small ham as a prize for the best presented bin of fish at the December comp.

Also we really love to see the excited kids bringing in eels to weigh in, we also want to encourage the kids getting involved in the club, as parents we ask you, where possible can you keep the eels alive as Environment Waikato like to see the longfinned eels returned to streams.

See you on the 13th, do not forget Santa is going to be there so parents or grandparents bring along a prezzy for Santa to hand out to your little angels.

Regards, Bungey