The Matamata Fishing Club Rules


These rules will fully explain how the club operates fishing wise, and what awards/trophies, you can fish for. Competitions dates are noted in each of the club's newsletters as well as the other activities which we organise from time to time. The newsletter is published monthly and as well as the above, it carries the current news and up to date competitions results and points tables.

If you are a new member we hope this Handbook will introduce you to the way our club operates and we hope that we will soon see your name on our competition results and your face at our upcoming club functions.

If you are a club member, please read this Handbook carefully as so to re-familiarise yourself with the contents as each and every page is for your benefit

Good luck and good fishing for the season

Rules for Club Competitions

  • ALL FISH presented at the weigh in MUST be gutted and gilled and must weigh a minimum of 400 grams (snapper must weigh 500 grams gutted and gilled) with the exception of fish under the management of MAF Regulations, i.e. Length.
  • Fish presented to be weighed in a "Green" State will suffer a 20% weight penalty for points purposes with the exception, if the fish is a prospective club record.
  • Only two rods or handlines may be used with only two hooks per rod or handline per fisherman. Treble hooks are only permitted on artificial lures. Only one set of ganged hooks permitted per line.
  • FISH caught are to be weighed at the stated weigh-in station and must be presented at the stated time. Once fish are presented they are considered to be eligible for weighing. Fishermen arriving after the weigh-in close-off will not be permitted to weigh their catch unless a suitable excuse is accepted by the committee
  • UNDERSIZE FISH. Fish under the management of MAF as regards to length, if when presented at the weigh-in, are deemed to be underside, a demerit of 70 points will apply.This rule will be enforced
  • IFA / MAF Bag limits and fishing restrictions are to be adhered to at all times
  • BAG LIMITS: no angler may weigh in more than 4 Snapper and 4 fish of the same species

   . BAG LIMITS FOR KAHAWAI: only four (4) Kahawai per fisherman may be presented for  weigh in at any one club competition. Kahawai must be 40cm in length

  • BAG AND WEIGHT LIMITS FOR KINGFISH: Kingfish must exceed 3.0kg gutted and gilled and be over 75cm in length before being eligible to be weighed in a club competition. Only three (3) Kingfish per fisherman may be presented for weighing at any one club competition.
  • LINE BONUSES: game sharks weighed in must exceed 70kgs
  • Fish not listed on the points table will be awarded points by the committee as they think fit
  • The following marine species are neither eligible for weighing during club competitions or for awards or records: hagfish (Blind eels), conger eels, moray eels, squid, octopus, crayfish, crabs and marine mammals.
  • NUMBER OF COMPETITIONS: the club will hold 10 competitions in any one year. Points from eight competitions count towards the total points for the year.
  • Any one fish can be eligible for one prize only. An angle can receive more than one prize but not with the same fish.
  • All eels must be caught in freshwater
  • A junior member is aged under 16 at the start of season. A Junior will fish the whole season in which they turns 17
  • WEIGH CERFICATIES must be presented to points master by 6pm last competition (July) end of season. The new season start after the July Competition.

Competition Points System

  • Points will be awarded to each fish weighed at a club competition according to which category it falls into
  • Fish are to be presented gutted and gilled
  • Fish not gutted and gilled will incur a 20% weight penalty
  • IFA / MAF limits apply to all weight, bag limits, length etc
  • Only 4 of each species may be weighed (except 3 Kingfish)
  • A maximum of 40 finfish for a two day competition
  • Only 4 Trout  may be presented for weighing at any competition

Category 1 ( 20 Points per kilo)

Snapper ( min weight 500gm)

Kahawai (min length 40cm)


Red Snapper


John Dory


  1. Category 2 ( 10 Points per kilo)

Kingfish (min weight 3.0kg and min length 75cm)

Blue Cod




Freshwater Eel


Hapuka and Bass




Leather Jacket and Reef Fish


Skip jack

  1. Category 3 (5 Points per fish over 1.0kg)


Red Cod


Other species will be assigned categories at the discretion of the committee as and when necessary

Bonus points will be awarded at 25 points per qualifying fish as per the following list:


Qualifying Weight











John Dory


Hapuka / Bass




Yellowfin Tuna


Applications for Club Records

For fish weighed outside of competitions, you may weigh your fish by contacting one of club weighmasters. If you are unsure whether your fish qualifies for a record, do not hesitate to contact the club captain or weighmaster as he/she has a complete up-to-date record of these. Club records are kept in the following categories:

Saltwater Boat, Saltwater Shore, Freshwater.

If your fish does qualify, then fill in the form with the information required and then hand it to the Club Captain or leave it at the Matamata Sport Shop as soon as possible. If you do not have your form on you when your catch is made, get a Courtesy Weigh Certificate from the other club's weighmaster or have the storekeeper sign a piece of paper with the fish's weigh, the place where it was weighed and the date. Staple this to the application form and fill in the remainder before passing to the Club Captain.
Our Club will accept weigh certificates from other recognised fishing clubs and may accept certificates from store keeper's, etc. at the committee's discretion.

NOTE: Our Club will also accept fish for club records on the following conditions Whole-gutted and gilled-gutted and gilled with offal in separate containers.

Annual Trophies

Remember that the club has several trophies awarded each season for the heaviest fish of that species caught each season. Even though your fish may not be a club record, it may still be the heaviest fish for the season. These can be weighed in at any time during the season, not only on club competition days ( study the club's list of trophies to see which fish qualify for annual awards)

Trophy List

The following is a list of cups, trophies and awards that can be won by club members during any one season. A season commences on August 1
st and concludes on July 31st the following year. A senior member is any member over 16, a junior member is one who is under the age at the commencement of a season. All fishermen are eligible to complete for all trophies etc., with the exception of those specifically open to women or junior members.

  1. Matamata Sports Centre Trophy: Boat Champion, awarded to the fisherman who is awarded the most points in the Boat section in eight competitions over the season.
  2. Colchester Engineering Ltd Trophy: Shore Champion, awarded to the fisherman who is awarded the most points in the Shore Section in eight competitions over the season
  3. Harry Lowe Trophy: Freshwater Champion, awarded to the fisherman who is awarded the most points in the Freshwater Section in eight competitions over the season.
  4. R & M Craig Cup: Junior Champion, awarded to the fisherman who is awarded the most points in the Junior Section in eight competitions over the season.
  5. RJ and DG Sinclair Tray: Women's Champion, awarded to the fisherwoman who is awarded the most points in the Women's Section in eight competitions over the season.
  6. Vern Heydon Trophy: awarded to the fisherman who catches the largest Snapper from the boat during the season.
  7. Vaughan Mitchell Trophy: awarded to the fisherman who catches the largest snapper from the shore during the season.
  8. Matamata Club Inc Cup: awarded to the fisherman who catches the largest trout during the season.
  9. G Oliver Trophy: awarded to the fisherman who lands the largest fish from a boat (other than snapper) during the season (excludes Snapper and game fish).
  10. Paramount Tyres (MTM): Species Shield, awarded to the fisherman who catches the most species during the season
  11. Anchor Products Trophy: awarded to the fisherman who earns the most points in any one competitions during the season
  12. Hazelton Trophy: awarded to the angler who catches the largest fish from the shore (other than Snapper) during the season.
  13. Couta Cup: awarded by Cameron Old for the largest Barracouta during the season
  14. Fishiest Story Trophy:Adriatic Propeller : awarded to the person(s) who at the discretion of the committee deserves this prized trophy.
  15. Matamata Club Inc:Game fishing Trophy: awarded to the Matamata Club Inc member that catches the largest game fish during the season.
  16. Matamata Fishing Club President's Cup: awarded to the member who the president considers has made an outstanding contribution to the well-being of the Club by way of administration activities, voluntary work, promotion of the sport or in recognition of an outstanding fishing achievement.
  17. The Burly Bat: presented the club member who does the most "stirring" during the season.
  18. J Swap Contractors Trophy:awarded to the boat which gains the most points in club competitions
  19. Wills Sport fishing Trophy: awarded to the angle with the most points during the season in the sports fishing section.
  20. B & A Lasenby/Colville Trophy: awarded to the angler that catches the heaviest Kingfish during the season.
  21. Crabb Family Trophy: awarded to the angler landing the heaviest billfish for the season.
  22. K Maisey Trophy: awarded to the angler landing the heaviest Tuna for the season (excluding Skipjack and Albacore).
  23. Elphick Trophy: awarded to the junior angler with the most points for Trout in the Freshwater Junior section.
  24. Hard Luck Shoe: presented by Dave Sutherland for the "Hard luck story of the year"
  25. Bevege International Trophy: awarded to the angler landing the heaviest fish overseas.
  26. Time & Tide Trophy: awarded to the heaviest Game Fish in the March Competition
  27. Hooton Tag and Release Trophy: awarded to the Heaviest tag and release for the season
  28. Heaviest Fish Caught for a Junior
  29. George Woolsey Cup:
  30. Fort Cup:awarded to a Junior who weighs in the heaviest Eel for the season

New Zealand Game Fish and other Fish Records

Please note that at the present time the Matamata Fishing Club is not a recognised Game Fishing Club so we are not able to process any New Zealand record fish. If you are interested in game fishing and attempting to catch a record fish, we recommend that you join one of the Game Fish Clubs nearest to where you fish.

Club Pins and Honour Board

If you are lucky enough to land a Snapper over 20lb (9.2kg), you will be awarded a silver Pin plus have your name placed on our Snapper Honours Board. These fish can be caught at any time.

Fishing Information for Amateur Fisherman

Complete regulations are available from Government bookshops and detailed information on fishing restrictions is available from any fisheries officer located at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries office