2021 April Competition

All Juniors 0-16
Paper Plus Colouring Competition 0-9VoucherMiya Henderson 
Junior 0-9 Junior1 x MysteryToby Mason
Junior 10-16 Junior1 x MysteryAidenTitterton
Adult Fisho's
Tarakihi / John Dory 1 x MysteryNot Struck
Gurand / Trevally1 x MysteryWiena Nel
Kahawai1st HeaviestPieter NelKahawai2.100 kg
Kingfish1st HeaviestStephen ButcherKingFish13.810 kg
Kingfish1 x MysteryPaul Exton
Trout1st HeaviestStephen ButcherTrout3.455 kg
Trout1 x 3 BagStephen Butcher
Trout1 x MysteryPauline Butcher
Snapper1st HeaviestKylie NelmesSnapper 6.745 kg
Snapper1 x 3 BagKylie Nelmes
Snapper1 x MysteryMellissa Craw
Laurent Motors Waharoa Average Weight - All SectionsVoucherKevin Ladd
PhiI’s Motorcycles Catch of the MonthVoucherSteve Dench
Viking Kayak ChallengeVoucherNot Struck
S&D Builders Landbase Saltwater Challenge1st MysterySteve Dench
S&D Builders Landbase Saltwater Challenge2nd MysteryMichael Autridge
HMK Kingfish ChallengeJack potted
Lucky Member DrawLachlan Autridge
New World Kids Catch of the MonthVoucherSophie Henderson
Matamata Sportsworld 1000.00$ 50.00 VoucherSteve Dench
Arrum Ali Jackpot - Kingfish Landbase onlyNot Struck
Waharoa Transport Junior Competition
1st Heaviest Snapper 0-9SW Voucher $50.00Sophie HendersonSnapper5.115 kg
1st Heaviest Snapper 10-16SW Voucher $50.00Isaak CroslandSnapper1.565 kg
1st Mystery weight Snapper 0-9SW Voucher $25.00Adi Mitchell
1st Mystery weight Snapper 10-16SW Voucher $25.00Holly Henderon
Mystery weight SnapperSW Voucher $50.00Georgia Hutton
1st Mystery weight KahawaiSW Voucher $25.00Beau Mitchell
1st Mystery Trevally/John DorySW Voucher $25.00Zack Fletcher
Mystery weight KahawaiSW Voucher $25.00Grayson Bungard
1st Heaviest SpratSW Voucher $50.00Ava Hyslop
1st Heaviest EelSW Voucher $50.00Ellie Hyslop
Number of Anglers56
Number of Fish205
Total Weight of Fish304.613 kg
Average Weight1.479 kg

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Kids Comp - Waharoa Transport (1995) Ltd

2020 April Competition Results - Cancelled Due to Covid Virus

Our April Competition was cancelled Due to COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)

Current situation

New Zealand has 1,039 confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19.  For a summary of the current status see our latest media release (5 April). More information is available on our current cases page. With continued vigilance the chance of widespread community outbreak is expected to remain low.

New Zealand is currently at Alert Level 4 – Eliminate

These alert levels specify the public health and social measures to be taken. Nationwide, New Zealand is currently at Level 4 – Eliminate. This means that it is likely that the disease is not contained. Please stay at home

2019 April Competition Results - 7th April 2019

Junior 0-9

Paper Plus Colouring Competition1stPeyton Houghton

2ndTheo Harland
3rdZoe Houghton
4thHunter Craw

5thLilah Harland
Junior 0-9 1st HeaviestHolly Henderson
Kingfish10.875 kg
Wayne and Michelle Jones Junior 0-9 1 x MysteryEden Begovich
Junior 10-16
Junior 10-16 1st HeaviestBlake Hornsey
Snapper1.795 kg
Wayne and Michelle Jones Junior 10-161 x MysteryMason Hornsey
Adult Landbase Fisho's
S&D Builders Landbase Saltwater Challenge1 x MysteryArrum Ali
S&D Builders Landbase Saltwater Challenge1 x MysteryArrum Ali
Arrum Ali $50.00 Jackpot - Kingfish Landbase
Not Struck
Adult Kayak Fisho's
Viking Kayak Challenge1st HeaviestPeter Dean
Snapper2.910 kg
Adult Fisho's
Terakihi / John Dory / Trevally / Gurnard1 x MysteryZara Clifton
Kahawai 1st HeaviestJason Craw
2.075 kg
Kingfish1st HeaviestJulia Nicholson
10.875 kg
Kingfish1 x MysteryMichael Autridge
Trout 1st HeaviestColleen Montague
1.760 kg
Trout 1 x MysteryDuncan Thorpe

Trout 1 x 3 BagNot Stuck
Snapper1st HeaviestAnne-Marie Harland
Snapper4.610 kg
Snapper1 x MysteryNicky Telford
Snapper1 x 3 BagTerry Macdonald
Lucky Member Draw
Laurent Motors Waharoa Average Weight - All SectionsArrum Ali

PhiI’s Motorcycles Catch of the Month 
Sylvia Ward

Firestone Lucky Member Jackpot
Not Present

HMK Kingfish Challenge - JackpotMichael Autridge

Lucky Member Draw $100
Loren Mitchell
New World Kids Catch of the month
Beau Mitchell
Matamata Sportsworld 1000.00 $ 50.00 VoucherTerry Macdonald
Plan Bee HoneyGift PackPhil Gordon

Waharoa Transport Junior Competition
Snapper 0-91st HeaviestHunter Craw

Snapper 0-91 x MysteryBeau Mitchell

Snapper 10-161st HeaviestMason Hornsey
Snapper 10-161 x MysteryBlake Hornsey
Trout1st HeaviestSaxon Butcher
Kahawai 1 x MysteryMiya Henderson
Trevally / John Dory1 x MysteryBeau Mitchell
Terakihi / Gurnard1 x MysteryAiden Titterton
Sprat1st HeaviestAiden Titterton
Sprat1 x MysteryOliver Titterton
Eel1st HeaviestIsaak Crosland
Number of Anglers58
Number of Fish246
Total Weight of Fish426.035 kg
Average Weight1.725 kg

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Waharoa Transport (1995) Ltd - Junior Competition

2018 April Competition Results - 8th April 2018

PaperPlus NipperNot Struck
PaperPlus ColouringDivan Strydom
PaperPlus EelBeau Mitchell
0-9Junior1stHeaviestNot Struck
10-16Junior1stHeaviestMason BroomhallKahawai1.685 kg
Tarakihi / JohnDory / Trevally / Gurnard1 x MysterySteve Dench
Kahawai1stHeaviestGreg WardKahawai1.845 kg
Kingfish1stHeaviestArrum AliKingfish5.600 kg
Kingfish1 x MysteryStef AtkinsonKingfish
Trout1stHeaviestIan EdgarTrout1.765 kg
Trout1 x MysteryPeter DavidsonTrout
Trout3 BagKhan UnderwoodTrout
Snapper1stHeaviestHayden BatemanSnapper5.085 kg
Snapper1 x MysteryRichard TittertonSnapper
Snapper3 BagGraham HornseySnapper
Wayneand Michelle Jones Mystery 0-9Latham Begovich
Wayneand Michelle Jones Mystery 10-16Mason Broomhall
Arrum Ali $50:00 Jackpot - Kingfish LandbaseNot Struck
LaurentMotors average weightElieen Ward
Phil’sMotorcycles Catch of the MonthPhillip Stevens
VikingKayak ChallengeKendall DeanSnapper1.060 kg
S&DBuilders Landbase Saltwater 1stHeaviestPeter DeanKahawai1.695 kg
S&DBuilders Landbase Saltwater2ndHeaviestKendall DeanKahawai1.675 kg
FirestoneLucky Member DrawPaul Follows
HMKKingfish ChallengeGraham HornseyKingfish5.545 kg
LuckyMember DrawDion O'Leary
NewWorlds Kids Catch of the MonthGrayson Bungard
MatamataSportsworld 1000 $50 VoucherPhillip Stevens
Waharoa Transport (1995) Ltd - Junior Competition
1stHeaviest Snapper 0-9Hunter CrawSnapper1.670 kg
1stHeaviest Snapper 10-16Mason BroomhallSnapper0.945 kg
1 x Mystery Weight SnapperLatham Begovich
1 x Mystery Weight SnapperGrayson Bungard
1stHeaviest TroutSaxon ButcherTrout1.025 kg
1 x Mystery Weight KahawaiHunter Craw
1 x Mystery FishBently Harrison
1 x Mystery Terakihi / GurnardGeorge Harris
1stHeaviest SpratAiden TittertonSprat0.095 kg
1 x Mystery SpratOliver Titterton
1stHeaviest EelIsaak CroslandEel0.335 kg
Numberof Anglers54
Numberof Fish270
TotalWeight of Fish362.342 kg
AverageWeight1.326 kg

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L.J Hooker

Matamata Auto Services & Electrical

Waharoa Transport (1995) Ltd - Junior Competition

2017 April Compeition Results - 2nd April 2017

PaperPlus Colouring 0-10 yrsStephen Ede
PaperPlus Junior Eel 0-16 yrsNot Struck
Junior 0-9 yrs1st HeaviestIsaak CroslandKingfish7.385 kg
Junior 10-16 yrs1st HeaviestElla LaddSnapper2.350 kg
Tarakihi / John Dory1 x MysteryPhillip Stevens
Trevally / Gurnard1 x MysteryBradley Stevens
Kahawai1st HeaviestDavid HyslopKahawai2.165 kg
Kingfish1 x MysteryArrum AliKingfish
Kingfish1st HeaviestSharon ClothierKingfish14.010 kg
Trout1 x MysteryJanne Troughton
Trout1st HeaviestAllen CossillTrout1.350 kg
Trout1 x 3 BagJanne Troughton
Snapper1 x MysteryNicky Telford
Snapper1st HeaviestArrum AliSnapper6.665 kg
Snapper1 x 3 BagPhillip Stevens
Categories for Waharoa Transport Junior Competition
0-9 yrs1st HeaviestIsaak CroslandKingfish6.65kg
10-16 yrs1st HeaviestElla LaddSnapper2.34kg
Snapper1 x MysteryLucas McLeod
Snapper1 x MysteryBlake Hornsey
Trout1st HeaviestNot struck
Kahawai1 x MysteryOliver Titterton
Trevally / John Dory1 x MysteryJohnny Dalton
Tarakihi / Gurnard1 x MysteryNot sruck
Heaviest Fish1st HeaviestElla Ladd
1st Mystery Fish1 x MysteryGeorge Harris
2nd Mystery Fish1 x MysteryBeau Mitchell
Heaviest Eel1st HeaviestNot struck
Laurent Motors Average Weight
Philip Gordon
Phils Motorcycle Catch of the MonthKane Fort
Viking Kayak ChallengeKane Fort
S & D Builders Landbased Saltwater SnapperPeter Dean
S & D Builders Landbased Saltwater SnapperMelissa Titterton
Firestone Lucky Member DrawCorrina Kendrick
HMK Kingfish ChallengeSharon Clothier
Lucky Member Draw $100Glen Clothier
New World Kids Catch of the monthSaxon Butcher
Matamata SportsWorld 1000 $50 voucher
Number of Anglers60
Number of Fish257
Total Weight of Fish467.100 kg
Average Weight1.810 kg

Many Thanks to our sponsors

L J Hooker
Matamata Auto Services & Electrical
Waharoa Transport (1995) Ltd - Junior Competition

2016 April Competition Results - 3 April 2016

Colouring 0-6 yrsAva Hyslop
Colouring 7-12 yrsMason Broomhall
Junior 0-9 yrs 1st HeaviestNot Struck
Junior 10-16 yrs 1st HeaviestDion O'learyKahawai1.760 kg
Terakihi / John Dory / Gurnard / Trevally 1st HeaviestMurray Morris
Terakihi / John Dory / Gurnard / Trevally 2nd HeaviestMurray Morris
Landbase 1st HeaviestNot Struck
Kingfish 1st HeaviestStephen Butcher Kingfish7.730 kg
Kahawai 1st HeaviestMurray Morris Kahawai2.506 kg
Kahawai 1 x MysteryPhill Gordon Kahawai
Trout 1st Heaviest Bryan Jonasson Trout1.882 kg
Trout 1 x 3 bagAllen Cossill Trout
Trout 1 x MysteryIan Egar Trout
Snapper 1st HeaviestChris Henderson Snapper5.962 kg
Snapper 1 x 3 bagJason Craw Snapper
Snapper1 x MysteryGreg Ward Snapper
Hinuera Service Centre Average WeightHarry Fort
Phils Motorcycle Catch of the MonthGraham Hornsey
Viking Kayak ChallengeKane Fort
S & D Builders Landbased Saltwater SnapperNot Struck Snapper
S & D Builders Landbased Saltwater SnapperNot Struck Snapper
Firestone Lucky Member DrawNot Struck
HMK Kingfish ChallengeStephen Butcher
Fishing Club Mystery Weigh JackpotNot Struck
Lucky Member DrawGerry Gordon
Matamata SportsWorld 1000Jason Craw
New World Kids Catch of the MonthHolly Henderson
Number of Anglers30
Number of Fish177
Total Weight of Fish275.526 kg
Average Weight1.548 kg

Results for Nippers Competition - 3 April 2016

Snapper 0-9 YRS 1st HeaviestMiya Henderson Snapper
Snapper 10-16 YRS 1st HeaviestLeah O'Leary Snapper
Snapper 1 X MysteryHolly Henderson Snapper
Snapper 1 X MysteryMicah ClarkLucky Draw
Trout1st HeaviestSophie Henderson Lucky Draw
Kahawai 1 X MysteryJesse Clark Kahawai
Trevally / John Dory1 X MysteryBlake HornseyLucky Draw
Terakihi / Gurnard1 X MysterySacha Campbell
Sprat 1st HeaviestConrad Dalton
Sprat 1 X MysteryJohnny Dalton
Sprat 1 X MysterySaxon Butcher
Eel 1st HeaviestMason HornseyLucky Draw

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L J Hooker
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Waharoa Transport (1995) Ltd - Nippers Competition