September Newsletter 2016

President's Report

We are off on another season. September the EVENTS 4th saw our first competition for the new year get under way with 84 people there, it was a good one.
September of course is sponsored by our very own Mitre 10 and has been for many years.
This year however we have been very lucky to welcome a new sponsor, SignTint, Craig
and Cherie Osbaldiston, they have a relatively new business in town and can help you
with all sorts of sign writing, tinting, screen printing etc and of course Mitre 10 can help
with just about anything you can think of.
Wasn't it great to see such a good turnout of kids at the club, we took one of our grandies
out and he was all smiles as he weighed his fish in, well done Latham. And Toby Reddaway
weighed in an amazing bin of Snapper, out fishing with his dad and granddad, that's
what our club is all about.
Another new sponsor we have on board is MTF Vehicle Finance; Frank Hilliar has joined
the monthly member draw, joining last season's sponsors Splice Construction, Plumb Co
and Super Liquor.
MTF is a finance company and if you need finance for that new boat, outboard motor,
trailer, car or ute etc go and see Frank and the team. This will also benefit our fishing club,
by taking out finance with MTF and mentioning you are a fishing club member, the
club will receive a commission of at least $50.00. So support your club by supporting
our sponsors ah!
Recently I attended the Matamata Target Club AGM, the committee very kindly asked
me to speak on our future with the joint clubs. I am very pleased to say we had a very
healthy discussion and things look very good going forward, I will keep you all posted as
things progress.
The next competition for the season is on the 1st and 2nd of October. We have four excellent
sponsors for this competition, they are of course Daltons, Murray Wilcox Ltd, Allenco
Marine and Matamata Directional Drilling.
Make sure you get signed up and come along. REMINDER – new weigh in time – 5
till 6 as daylight saving starts on the 29th September.
I am also very pleased to announce that J Swap Contractors are back on board as a
major sponsor for the November competition.
Along with the prizes they will be funding they are going to put up a charter on
their luxury launch again for the December competition.
Last year it would be fair to say that the fish numbers weren't great but Cameron and the
Skipper Chris have promised bigger and better things this year.
As with last year all proceeds raised at the auction will go to prizes for the Christmas
December competition, making it even bigger and better.
I must apologise to local trout guru Allen Cossill, he should have received the Best 3
Bag Prize for the last competition, due to a computer glitch this didn't happen, so well
done mate, I mean it's hard enough putting up with the crew he fishes with let alone
missing out on a prize!
So everybody, keep the good work up, support your sponsors every opportunity you get
and we will see you all on October the 2nd.

Happy Fishing, Bungey