May Newsletter 2018

President's Report

Hi all, great to have your company at the May comp, if you weren’t
there you were probably duck hunting. It would be fair to say the crowd wasn’t huge, but we still had over 70 in the club rooms for the prize giving, very cosy.  The cool thing to me was still plenty of kids.I know I took one of our wee Grandies out, Grayson, just 3 years and we had a great time, something I can highly recommend to you all.

I would like to say a great big thank you to our sponsors for May – Fairview Motors, AMI, Paul Jones Contracting, and of course the lads, Vaughan and Grayson Laurent, awesome to have your support, thank you on behalf of our members. Not that I believe fishos go out just for the prizes, there was certainly a fantastic line up. The big fella Hugh ventured up north and the place again did not disappoint, he took out the top Snapper. Now one thing I am loving at the moment is the closeness of the points, yes things are really hotting up with just 2 comps to go, it’s great to see.

The next comp is a 3 day one with Queen’s Birthday on the Monday. We have fantastic sponsorship with Allenco Marine, Arrum Ali, Harry Fort Decorators and a new one, Phil Stevens Racing (Northwood Farm). A special thanks to Phil for coming on board to join the team, let’s make a big effort to get out there for the 3 dayer.

As I mentioned before there are only two comps to go for our season so can those trophy winners from last season start cleaning them and get them ready to bring in for engraving.

Last year we had a very good prize giving night so let’s make this year’s even bigger and better. The dates will be Saturday night the 11th of August for the prize giving, and the following Wednesday night the 15th will be the AGM. Put those dates on your calendar now, there will be a “free” light meal on the night of the prize giving, the same as last year.

AS I have mentioned before, Arrum thought it would be good to organise a club trip to the Whangaroa Harbour up north for the big fish comp in March. At this stage the plan would be to head up Thursday, stay in a hotel Thursday night on the Harbour, game fish Friday, stay again Friday night, (maybe organise a half day Snapper fish before heading home Saturday afternoon. The Marlin Hotel can put us up for $40 a night each and I have got 2 launches organised at $1200 a launch for a day, so shared amongst say 4-6 on each boat is good value. Now please, I need to know within the next week if you are in. Even if you have mentioned it to me in the past, come in and confirm please or phone me on 027 472 8674.

Happy Fishing