December Newsletter - 2018

President's Report

Hi and Merry Xmas, as you are reading this the Big Guy in the red suit shouldn’t be
too far away. Didn’t he make an awesome visit to the fishing club at the December comp prizegiving? Great work Santa, the kids loved ya.

For those who were there you will already know we had an excellent turnout for our December/Christmas comp. The weather for the weekend was not great, so when we had over a hundred turn up for prize giving it was awesome.

A special thanks must go out to our longtime sponsors, Comag, Swaps, Goldenflow and of course Viking Kayaks. There was an amazing display of prizes up there to be had and the flavour of those Matamata Butchery hams and Goldenflow honey together, exceptional. Something I am really enjoying at the club is the awesome family environment, women, children, parents and grandparents, it is great to see the excitement as the name is drawn from the Lucky Member Draw bucket to see who wins that fantastic Kayak from Monty and the team. Great stuff.

Our next comp is not until February, but it will be a real beauty to kick the new year off. This comp has over five thousand dollars worth of prizes. Our awesome sponsors for this comp are Sportsworld, Matamata Butchery, Splice Construction and Begovich Builders and once again the Holmes family have put up a magnificent gesture of a prime beefy, isn’t that a fantastic line up? Don’t miss this comp, it will be a very good one. There will be prizes for Game Fish and now that you can start fishing at 5pm on the Friday, let’s hope there is a Marlin or Yellow Fin weighed in, exciting ay.

This summer we thought we would love to have a club get together at the Hora Hora Domain. The Committee thought Saturday afternoon on the 19th of January would be a good date. Now, there will be boats there with sea biscuits, skis etc. But if you would like to bring your own along that would be great. For example Brad Hutton said he will be there with a full tank of gas all for your fun and entertainment, great ay.

Graham and Debbie will also have the Matamata Butchery barbecue there so bring along a sausage or two or a steak, throw them on and enjoy. This afternoon and evening will be a lot of fun so make an effort and come along to have some summer fun with your fellow club members.