June Newsletter 2020

President's Report

Hi all, as the committee we hope you all got through the lockdown and are itching to get out there on the water. As a club we were very disappointed of course to cancel some of our comps but safety first of course. We are really hoping to finish off our season with a bang, so let us make our July comp, on the 4th and 5th, a real beauty. 

This comp the committee has decided to fund the prizes out of our own funds, which of course are

your funds, the club members.
We felt that in these tough times the club should make a statement, say to all our sponsors, hey
thank you for your support but we will take this one.
We have also increased the prize pool so please try to get out and make it a goodie.
I would like to, on behalf of you all, thank our normal July sponsors, Bell and Graham Solicitors,
Matamata Tractors and Machinery, and Matamata New World. Also, a big thank you to our sponsors
for April, May and June, they were all ready to go but were not required due to the lock down. Please look at the sponsors page and appreciate the fact that we have so many supporting us.
On that note we as a committee have decided to invite all our sponsors out to the club rooms on the
Sunday of prize giving. This is to take the opportunity to shout them a drink or two, feed
them, and say a big thank you on your behalf for 30 years of support in many cases.
As I said before, the prize pool will be excellent, including a $100 voucher from Hugh McKean and
$150 from the Dench family as a lucky member draw, these are on top of the normal prize list.
August of course will see the prize giving happen so please bring in the trophies from last season.
So once again, we are all one big team, so let us get together and make the last one for the season a very special one, look forward to seeing you all there.

Kind Regards
on behalf of the committee,