December Newsletter 2015

President Report

Hi all, wow, what a comp December turned out to be, thank you all for coming along and
making the evening such a success. The final head count was 174 adults and 43 children,
making for an excellent atmosphere for both the members and of course our sponsors. On
the sponsors side of things, a special thanks to Comag, Viking Kayaks, Swaps, Golden
Flow, and of course young Chad McDonald, without their continued support the club
would not be what it is today. Please, where you can, show your appreciation by
supporting them back at every opportunity. Another thing that is very pleasing is the
amount of new and old members showing up. Congratulations to Maurice Turner of Te
Aroha on becoming our 400th member for the season, we are now up nearly 60 on last
year so well done to you all, it is very pleasing to see the amount of ladies and children
weighing in fish. As you know P kicked our butts out at Mayor on the last comp, and to
see the young ones weighing in fish with a grin from ear to ear is what the club should
be all about, don't you think? Many thanks to all the members donating
fish to the cooking bin, that fresh hot fish is a very special part of the evening and I would
hate to lose it. Over the years committee members like Karl have produced some
excellent fish from that cooker and I'm very pleased to see Phil and the team continuing
down the same path, don't forget it is a snack or two, not a three course meal, as Hugh, the
fish police tells me, LOL. Our next comp is now not until February the
6th, 7th and 8th, yes it is a long weekend so it will be a three day comp, Monday is a
holiday because of Waitangi Day so the weigh in will be 5pm till 6pm on the Monday.
The sponsors are Begovich Builders, Splice Construction, Matamata Sportsworld, and
here is another great surprise for you, Terry and Carol Holmes and family have been
involved with the club since the start and have decided to become a major sponsor to
join the February team. Terry and Carol have donated a prime beefy so there will be
beautiful meat packs for prizes, lucky member draws, and spots, wow, thank you so
much guys, that is amazing generosity in these tough times.
Now team, it is all up to you, the members, to take advantage of the three days, get the
family out there and catch a fish. Parents and grandparents, get those kids out on the water
and bring them along for what will be an excellent evening.
If you get out fishing and have some great pics or exciting news then share it with us all,
the fishing club has its own facebook, email: matamata.fishing@xtra.co.nz and a website:
Once again thank you to all, many thanks to our committee, a great team of people, have
a great Christmas, be careful and safe out there, see you all soon.

Happy Fishing